My Mom's Glass Artwork:)

I come from a family of really smart and successful women, and we all seem to have an artistic outlet of some sort.  I'm the only one who decided to actually make my living doing my artwork.  My sister is a Biomedical Engineer who makes absolutely beautiful jewelry and has a knack for interior design (I'll blog on her creations in the future).  My Mom has been in Human Resources and Business Management for over 20 years and used to make her own Christmas Ornaments, is an amazing Landscape Designer and has now created these beautiful Glass Landscape Ornaments!

She scours 2nd hand stores and garage sales for anything that might catch the light and uses them to create ornaments to sit in your landscape including some that are actual functioning bird baths.  These are not your typical garden gnome or lawn jockey people!  When I was in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, I took some photos of her artwork and here are a few of them:

She even creates some for holidays, here is a 4th of July one she made

All of these photos are unedited!  This is what they look like in person.  I didn't want to take away from the beauty.
I just think that it's awesome that my mom is making these beautiful pieces of art and I'm so proud of her for using her creativity in such a unique way!   I think everyone should have a creative outlet to express themselves be it, glass art, painting, PHOTOGRAPHY, jewelry making, design, etc...  In my opinion, it helps you express who you really are and can be an escape from a stressful life :)

She does sell these so let me know if you are interested in buying one for your garden! ($50-$150)

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Marie Lotto said...

Gorgeous photos! I especially love the ones with backlighting:)

Mo said...

That's too fun that y'all are all creative - you just express it in different ways. What a nice family blog. xoxo to your family's artistic abilities! And it makes me smile when I think about you making a living doing something you love.

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