Las Vegas Arts District Engagement Photography | Casey & Tommy

Hey Everyone!

After a blogging hiatus, I'm back with some of my favorite photos to date!  Sorry for taking a month or so off of blogging, but after a crazy Summer and Fall, I needed a little time off:)

Casey and Tommy purchased a Groupon for their engagement session and have also booked me for their wedding on April 1st.  Yes, they are aware that it's April Fools day!  I even mentioned this fact to them at their engagement session just to be sure:)   They're hoping that not too many jokes are played on them on their wedding day... so Friends and Family reading this, take it easy on them, ok?  Ha!

We decided to head to the Las Vegas Art District for their session.  I had never shot there before and have been wanting to for a while so I was really excited when Casey agreed to try it out!  We met at the Bar + Bistro at the Arts Factory and decided to have a drink to chat for a little before we started.  I had probably my favorite Bloody Mary in Las Vegas!  Then we headed out for their session and wandered around the area taking photos and having fun!  Here are some of my favorites from the day:

Thanks for the fun day Casey and Tommy!  Really looking forward to the wedding!

I'll post a link to their album once it's finished.

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