Like a (Blogging) Virgin

Hey everyone!

I'm very happy to say that I am starting a blog in conjunction with launching my website (!  This blog and my website will constantly be a work-in-progress, so keep checking back to both for updates and new cool stuff.

Creating my website was a lot of fun, and I have to give some major props to Photobiz for their extremely user friendly webpage templates and AMAZING customer support.

I created my very own logo, which turned out to be a lot harder than I had expected since I didn't have any Graphic Design experience.  For some odd reason, I believed that my knowledge of photo editing in Photoshop would translate to "very easily being able to create a logo".  That wasn't exactly the case and luckily I got a lot of great tips from my good friend and Marketing Director for Vail Resorts in Colorado, Andreya Platt, and was able to come up with a design that I'm very happy with.

The rest of my website was easily manageable, and I learned a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web hosting, and lots of other stuff that I won't get into because it's technical and boring:)

The purpose of my blog will be to keep everyone updated on photo shoots I'm doing and to show examples of photos from them.  I'll also be blogging about new editing techniques I'm using, my equipment, etc... so make sure to keep checking back!  If you would like to become a fan of my photography on Facebook, you can do so here.  Or if Twitter is your thing, you can follow me on there by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!



Daniel Trett said...

Yo Mary, GL w/everything & great start getting a blog to advertise, for sure 1 of best ways to network your business. I live in UK but out in LV regular & I'll look no further if I need a photographer. I've linked you up over my blog;

& become a fan over facebook, hope you & Eric have a happy, healthy, & prosperous new year...all the best.

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