Las Vegas Wedding Photography: Vintage Style Editing

As I was continuing to edit Kristen and Ivan's wedding today, I had a sudden urge to see some of these images have a more vintage feel.  Sooooo... on an impulse, I went to the Totally Rad Actions website and bought some actions.  $149 later, my photos are looking straight out of the 70's and I'm totally in love.  This look isn't for everyone though and I know that.  Chime in below to tell me how you feel about it!


No matter how you feel, these girls are beautiful though, right??!!



Mo Young said...

I DO love this vintage style! It would also be useful in photgraphing a well coiffured moustache or mullet :) Okay, but in all seriousness, it's quite classic. The pictures have more of an understated elegance that makes me wish I'd been at the event. Nice find! I'm loving all of the blogs for this wedding too - looks like a fun group/day!

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