Las Vegas Wedding Photography | Kristin & Ryan Welch | 5.7.11- Part 2

Hey Everyone!

It's time for some more photos from Kristin and Ryan's wedding!  Their wedding at the M Resort and Casino was a blast and oh so beautiful!  Ryan is a Professional Poker Player here in Las Vegas and Kristin likes to dabble in the game herself.  It was only fitting to get some wedding photos in the Poker Room because they spend time there together and with friends.  Of course, the first hand played, Kristin won and raked in a HUUUUUGE pot!

Here's a closeup of Kristin showing off her chip-handling skills!
Before the ceremony, we also got some group shots.  Here's the guys and girls groups.
Kristin's flowers were gorgeous!!
Here's the beautiful bride just minutes before she walked down the aisle!
First married kisses are my absolute favorite!  Especially when the Groom lifts the Bride off the floor like Ryan did here :)
I'll end this post with one of my favorite photos from the wedding.  We went out by the pool at sunset and captured some truly memorable photos after dinner.
I love this couple!

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jennifer Wallens said...

Absolutely beautiful photos thank you Mary!

Mary Meyer Photography said...

Thanks Jennifer, I'm glad you like them! I should have their album up in the next couple of weeks. I'll send you the link when they're posted :)

John Milton said...

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