The Story of how the Love of my Life Proposed!

Hey Everyone!

Five days ago Eric, the love of my life proposed to me!  Eric and I have been together now for a little over 4 years but also dated in High School for a couple of years.  So we "technically" started dating when I was 16... almost 12 years ago.  We kept in touch in College and stayed friends.  We've always had an undeniable and unmistakeable chemistry which apparently brought us back together for good:)

The Proposal:

Eric and I had gone on a hike in Red Rock Canyon about 4 years ago when I was visiting him in Las Vegas while he was playing in the World Series of Poker that summer.  It's a beautiful hike where you follow a natural spring up part of a mountain to an old Miners cabin made out of stacked stones and a wood roof.  The first time we were there we carved "Eric + Mary" in the wood.
The day before Eric started playing his first World Series of Poker event this year, he suggested we go on that same hike again before he would be sitting in a poker room for 1.5 months straight.  "It would be nice to get some fresh air," he said.  At the end of the hike this time, we went back into the cabin to find our names carved in the wood of the roof.  Sure enough, there they were 4 years later!  I sat down on a rock in the cabin for a couple minutes to relax after hiking all the way up there and Eric went outside.  When I got up and left the cabin, I turned the corner and Eric was on one knee:)  I was so shocked that I don't remember his exact words, but they were something like, "Mary, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?".  And then he pulled out the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!

 So it goes without saying that I said "yes".   Eric is an amazing man and he has made me extremely happy for many years.  I am on top of the world and can't wait to marry him next year!

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