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Hey Everyone!

Sorry for my delayed blogs recently.  I have been pretty backed up with work since my business was featured on Groupon!  Speaking of Groupon... this blog is about a Groupon customer!

Patty and her 10 year old son, Brando met me at Discovery Park in Green Valley the other day for a family photo shoot!  Now, I really wasn't sure how long a 10 year old would last taking photos but he was a really good sport for about an hour!  He was actually really into it and kept telling me, "get a picture of this!" and then would either show off his Michael Jackson moves or create some scheme where it LOOKED like he had gone through all the money bars, without actually doing all the work!  Clever little kid if you ask me!

Here are some of those Michael Jackson moves I'm talking about....
This photo of Brando through the fence was his idea!  One of my favorites actually...
Peeking around at his beautiful Momma Patty!

This is one of my favorites too!  I seriously think this kid should get into modeling Patty!
Giving his Momma some love!
And some more love blowing her a kiss!
This photo of the left was right about when Brando had enough "working it" for the lady with the camera!  haha!  Even when he's pouty he looks good in photos :)

It was a lot of fun hanging out with Patty and Brando that evening!  Hopefully he'll still be up for taking family photos when he's 11!!

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