Las Vegas Family Photography | Danielle, Ralph, & Ava | Discovery Park

Hello Everyone!

Danielle and Ralph found me through my Groupon Feature and booked a family photo shoot with me for them and their beautiful 6 month old daughter, Ava!

We decided to meet at Discovery Park in Henderson early in the morning to avoid the deserts intense sun and midday heat.  Well... this just happened to be the week where it rained pretty much every day so it was uncharacteristically humid for the desert.  I mean, it wasn't just a little humid... it was like mid summer, Wisconsin humidity and it's about 85-90 degrees on top of it!  We all walked out of our cars to meet and were immediately sweating.

We made the best of it though and stayed in the shade pretty much the entire time.  We got some really great photos despite the heat, humidity, and sweat!  Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Everyone showed up to the session in their converse all-stars.  Including Ava!
Great looking family!
Ralph making little Ava smile :)
I love her little heart pockets.
Look at those eyes!
Love this one of Ava on the slide!
And I'll end this post with this great one from the end of our session where Ava was about ready to go home and we were all so hot that all we could do was laugh :)
Here is a link to their entire album if you want to see more!

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