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Wendy and Brandon are a married couple from Alaska who live in Vegas now.  Their story is very similar to me and Eric's where they met in High School and then met again later in life and got married!  In High School, they both worked together and then years later, fate brought them back together and they fell so hard for each other that they married in Vegas at a wedding chapel!  Since they were married at a chapel, they never really had any good wedding photos so they hired me to get some shots of them together.

We decided to meet on Fremont Street, aka: Old Downtown Vegas.  I had never had a session there before or even BEEN there before so a couple days prior to our scheduled shoot, Eric and I headed downtown to scope the area and to have a few cocktails :)

Old Downtown was surprisingly a ton of fun!  I had always heard bad things about it so I was really surprised.  I love all the character and old neon signs!  So needless to say, it resulted in some really amazing photos, some of my all-time favorites so far!  Here are some of my favorites from their session:

 This one was taken in an area with some old train cars lined up.  It was an awesome location with amazing light!
These old casinos had so much character!  This is in front of the Main Street Station Casino where we discovered margaritas for $1!  Wendy and I only had a couple, I promise ;)
These two are so cute together!  Wendy constantly had a smile on her face.
So many cool neon signs on Fremont!  I love it.
Just so happy together!
I'll end this post with a shot of Wendy's awesome ring.
Even though Wendy and Brandon live in Vegas, Brandon still works in Alaska!  He goes there and works in a gold mine as an electrician for a few weeks, then comes home to Vegas for a couple weeks and then goes back again!  We discovered that we're pretty much neighbors, so next time Brandon is working, you should call me Wendy!  We'll hang out :)

Click here to see their entire album!

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Wendy Hammer said...

LOVE them Mary! I can't wait to see the rest of the shoot. :) Those margaritas were good, lol, we'll have to go there again. Definitely, we'll have to hang out. He'll be heading home this next Friday and my Brother will be here on Monday. Will Eric be home? Thanks again!


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