Old Las Vegas Wedding Photography | Carla & James Eloped!

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It's time (so soon, I know) for another blog!!!  This one is of Carla and James, a couple from Canada who came to Las Vegas to elope and hired me for a little post-ceremony photo session.  We originally wanted to take photos at the Neon Museum but because of a Photoshop seminar in town, scheduling there didn't work out :(  But we made the best of it and went to Fremont Street for some Old-School Vegas photos.

We met on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont Street to start out.  One of my favorite bars in Las Vegas has to be Insert Coin(s) (which is just East of the intersection) where there are tons of old arcade games to play while drinking beer and listening to music.  There are even lounge areas where you can play video games on big flat screen TV's on big plush couches!  So we decided to go in for a few photos and to play a few games.
  James headed straight to Tron.
We then just meandered down Fremont through the Fremont Street Experience.  There are so many things going on and so many fun photo ops in Old Las Vegas.  It's always an adventure.  Here are some of my favorites from the evening.
These two are so adorable together!
I seriously LOVE this one under the awning of the Plaza Hotel.
Jumping for joy that they're married!
I sure have a lot of photos of these two kissing... :)
Love this black and white on Fremont Street!
Near the end of the night, they did a quick wardrobe change at Main Street Casino.  We found this amazing little secret balcony and staircase.  That's what I love about Old Las Vegas, hidden little gems that you'd never find on the Strip.
 We were just having so much fun that we totally lost track of time!  Carla and James literally had to jump into a cab to make their dinner reservation on time.

Congratulations Carla and James!  It was so great meeting you both!

I'll post a link to their entire album when it's up.

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Carla said...

omg, Mary I LOVE these, AMAZING work! Fabulous photos that totally capture the fun vibe! I'm so glad we got such a talented photographer :)

Wedding Themes said...

All pics are amazing !!! Great Job :)

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