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This blog is near and dear to my heart as the subjects are all my (soon-to-officially-be) Nephews and Niece!  Eric and I were recently in Wisconsin for a few days and while we were there, we made a day trip down to Illinois to see his Sister, Brother-in-law, and their 4 kids.  All between the ages of 3 months and 6 years old!  Three month old Geneva is our only Niece out of the bunch, I guess the 4th time was the charm ;) Needless to say, they have their hands full and I was seriously exhausted after spending one day with this crew.

We arrived at their house around Noon, just in time for the two older boys to get home from school.  We all had lunch and soon after the boys needed to burn off some energy so we went to the park which is literally in their back yard!  I basically followed them all around with my camera and mostly got shots of the kids playing.  We were able to get just a couple of "posed" photos and I use the term "posed" loosely for reasons, well... you'll see!  Here are a few of my favorites from the bunch!

John climbing on the equipment.  This won't be the last time you see him climbing in this blog!

Leo speeding down the slide.
 Adam just smiling :)
Here are all three of the boys in the best pose we had all day!
Baby Geneva asleep on her Mom :)
Leo did NOT like his photo taken and he made it pretty clear to me... but he can't help but show his excitement while on a swing!
Here's what I mean about trying to pose these guys!  "Leo being Leo" is what I like to call this one.
John seriously has some climbing skills.  He's so good at it and his concentration while doing it is actually really impressive for a 6 year old!
Adam's chunky swinging legs!
I had to start sneaking up on Leo to get photos of him.  Here's one of my favorite sneaky ones :)
And for the finale, we've got the whole crew together!  Although not really concerned about smiling for the photo... I still like this one a lot.
These guys are a lot of fun and I love them but I think we'll be holding off on having kids for a while...  Or maybe just hope for girls ;)

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