Fremont Street Engagement Photography | Keri & Jason

Hey Everyone!

I'm so excited for this blog post because it was one of my favorite sessions of all time!  Keri and Jason are an engaged couple getting married in Vegas and came to town for their engagement photos as well.  They came to town with Keri's parents, Sandy and Tom, who have been married for over 30 years!  Tom and Sandy haven't had any professional photos taken together since their wedding so Keri asked if it would be ok for them to tag a long and to get some photos of them as well!  My answer was, of course, "Yes!"

I met the group a couple hours before sunset on Fremont Street on a Sunday.  The Packers were playing that day so I wore a Packer shirt to support my (undefeated) team.  Little did I know that Keri and her parents were fellow Packer fans and so we obviously hit it off right away!

The five of us walked along the Fremont Street Experience to get some Vegas-Style photos and here are some of my favorites from the session.

Keri and Jason!
Can't even believe the amazing light in this photo... oh and the couple is cute too :)
Here's the whole group together at Main Street Station off of my "secret" balcony!
Keri's awesome ring!  I might love it because it looks a lot like mine.... maybe...
One of my favorites of Sandy and Tom kissing!
So cute together and clearly in love.
Keri is so cute here!
Another one off the Secret Balcony!
This sign is my absolute favorite to take photos at!  I love this jumping photo on the right.
That's all for tonight!  I'll post a link to their entire album when it's up.

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