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Hey Everyone!

I'm just a blogging machine this week!  Here's my third one in three days, this time of 9 day old Parker.  I photographed his parents wedding earlier this year, you can check out Nick and Jenny's wedding post from Springs Preserve here!

Jenny and Nick welcomed Parker Allen Wynia to the world on October 30th.  He's a beautiful, healthy baby boy who did not love having his photo taken!  Well... I think he mostly didn't like us trying to move him into poses...  We ended up getting some great ones though!  Here are some of my favorites from the session!

Here's Parker all curled up!
 Close up of his sweet little face :)
I know you've seen these rings before!
We headed to the park for a few photos at sunset.  It was pretty cold though so we didn't spend too much time there.  Love these of the family!
Aaaaand saving the best for last... this is really how he felt about us that day!!!  hahahaha!
I love it!  Parker is so unbelievably cute.  I'm so excited for Jenny and Nick to have him in their lives.  They are such great people and are going to be amazing parents.  Parker is a lucky little man to have them:)

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Additional Info:  If you are thinking of having newborn photos taken, it is ideal to take them within 10 days of baby being born.  This way they are really small and cute and most importantly really sleepy!  The older they get, the more awake they become.  The earlier the better for photos!


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