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I posted a while ago that I will be starting to offer Boudoir photo sessions!  Well almost immediately after I posted that blog, I received a message from Shaya about doing one.  She got married in the beginning of December and she wanted to give her husband a boudoir album as a wedding gift.  So naturally, I couldn't blog about her photos until after her wedding in case her husband (who happens to be friends with my fiance) might check out my blog!

Shaya lives in Wisconsin and when I was there a few months ago, I drove down to her hometown and we took some photos in her Aunts Shabby Chic guest bedroom.  Her sister Sierra came along for some moral support.

Now since Shaya was doing these photos as a surprise for her husband, she had to outright lie to him about where she was going and who she was with!  I believe the story was that she was checking out Sierra's new apartment with her roommates.  But in all reality, she was getting all dolled up and putting on lingerie for me and my camera!

(If you are interested in booking a Boudoir session with me, please keep reading, some FAQ's will be answered at the end of this post)

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot:

This is a shot showing off the bottom of her wedding day Louboutins :)
Pearls are always a nice added touch to your lingerie.
This shot includes an awesome tattoo that Shaya has in remembrance of her two Grandfathers.
The Beautiful Shaya!  Her green eyes are AMAZING!
Love this flattering angle... seriously everyone looks good in it. (not that Shaya needed any help with flattering angles, I'm just saying!)
Detail photos like these two are my favorite because they always leave the viewer wanting to see more!
And to end this post, mirrors are always a good thing to have at a Boudoir shoot!  They make for interesting and creative photos :)

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You can find some information on my Boudoir package here.  Please email me with any questions you may have about booking a Boudoir session.  If you would feel more comfortable meeting me before booking something like this, call me up for some coffee!  Or if you would feel more comfortable bringing your sister or your friend along to the shoot like Shaya did, that's totally fine as well.  (I may just ask them to move around a lot to make sure they're not in the shot).  And as always, your online album can be password protected so you can share your photos with only those you'd like to see them.  I will only blog about your photos with your permission!  


Victoria - Washington Boudoir Photographer said...

I hope her husband enjoyed these shots as much as I did, great job everyone!

Barrie Baird said...

I like how comfortable she looks in her every post. She’s jaw-droppingly beautiful in every way. The pearls worked well to make the photos look classy. You did great, Mary! Kudos!
@ Art of Seduction

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