Wisconsin Family Photography | Megan & Mackenzie Finn {Beaver Dam, WI}

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I was just back home in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving last month.  One of my best friends from High School was going to be home with her 3 year old daughter as well and asked me to take some photos of her!  We decided to just do a quick little mini-session at a park near the house Megan grew up in.  Megan and Mackenzie came to the park with Megan's dad as well (who just happens to be my childhood doctor!).  It was great to see Megan and her dad and to finally meet Mackenzie!!  When we got to the park, we soon realized that the playground equipment was, for the most part, the same exact equipment that Megan played on growing up!  Kind of a cool experience for a family I think.  Here are some of my favorites from the day:

Beautiful Mackenzie!  I'm pretty sure Megan should get her into modeling...
 Mackenzie loved the slide!  She also loved Mr. Bear :)
She was all over the place!  After swinging herself, she put Mr. Bear in the swing and pushed him!
Mackenzie seemed to really be drawn to this spaceship (on the left).  She went back to it about 3 times that day!
Sliding again!
Megan and Mackenzie on what used to be a real tire swing, now just a "big plastic disc" swing.
Beautiful Mother and Daughter!
I really love this one of Mackenzie in the tire climb!  What a cutie!
It was so much fun to meet Mackenzie and get to know her a little.  And of course, always good to see Megan!  Hopefully I'll see them again at Christmas!

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