Vintage Style Photography Las Vegas | Ana + Josh

Hey Everyone!

I feel like a blogging machine this week!  

This one is of Ana and Josh, a super cute couple who have lived in Las Vegas for the last few years.  Josh was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base and sadly, the Air Force is moving them out of Las Vegas.  Maybe this is just sad for me because I totally could have seen Ana and I becoming fast friends!

Ana and Josh are already married but wanted some family photos before they left Las Vegas.  They had purchased a Groupon last summer and decided to cash it in before they left.  They were a really fun couple who even brought fake mustaches to our photo session which made for some pretty entertaining photos :)  

Here are some highlights from our session together!

It was great meeting you guys.  Good luck with your move to Idaho you two!

I'll post a link to this super cute album once it's up:) 

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