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Eric played in the Southern Poker Championship in Biloxi, Mississippi about a week ago, and for some reason... I decided to go with.  I know I've driven through Mississippi on a road trip with my Mom and Sister when I was little, but I didn't really remember anything about the place so I figured, 'Why not?  This will be an adventure'!

We stayed in the Hotel/Casino that the Poker tournament was held in which was right on the Gulf Coast.  Our cab driver took us 'the ocean route' from the airport and gave us a history about what has happened to the area since Hurricane Katrina.  To the right of the road were the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast, and to the left was almost completely deserted land that was wiped out from the Hurricane.  Our cab driver explained to us that before the Hurricane there were beautiful beach houses, bars, restaurants, and shops that lined this road but no one was able to rebuild because the Insurance companies found a loop-hole claiming the damage was caused first by the rising waters and since they had Hurricane Insurance, and not Flood Insurance, they weren't covered.  It was pretty depressing to hear such a horrible thing happened to so many people who literally lost everything.

The area was absolutely beautiful and while Eric was playing poker one day, I went on a walk around the area and here is what I found:

Right next to our hotel were these remnants of a dock that I imagine was taken out by the Hurricane.

Here is a newly built foot bridge that juts out onto the water

A little self portrait while out on my walk:)

Palm trees and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino next door

And of course, the reason we were in Mississippi!  Eric playing poker.

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Kristy said...

I love your pictures :) Keep it up.

Daniel Trett said...

Awesome photo's & history story, great blog.

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