NBC Heads UP 2010

This blog post is long overdue!   A couple of weeks ago, Eric played in the NBC Heads up Championship at Caesars Palace.  He had an automatic bid into the tournament from winning Cardplayer Magazine Player of the Year.

The event started out with a party at Pure Nightclub the night before the tourney to pick who would play each other in the bracket.  Eric was matched up with the winner of the Heads up Tournament at the World Series of Poker in 2009... so needless to say, his opponent knew heads up play pretty well.

Eric had to walk a red carpet for the party which was pretty funny to watch a "jeans & t-shirt" Wisconsin boy in front of video cameras and photographers!  (unfortunately I didn't bring my camera to document this)  I did however bring my camera to the actual tournament the next day!

This is Cardplayer Magazine's camera man getting some footage of NBC's promotional banner

This is Eric playing against the WSOP Heads Up champion!  Unfortunately, Eric had two bad beats in a row and was eliminated in the 1st round...

Just a close-up of Eric checking out his cards.

This tournament was really fun to experience and I'm so proud of my boyfriend for everything he has accomplished in the last few years!  If you'd like to see him playing in this tournament, tune into NBC on Sundays April 18th through May 23rd at noon ET/11Central (9am Pacific)  You can find a schedule here.

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