Brides Have More Fun

A while back I asked my already married friend Morgan to revive her wedding dress and go traipsing around Las Vegas in it for a photo shoot so I could get more bride photos for my website/blog/portfolio.  We finally found the time to do it on Sunday and it was so much fun for both of us!

We started at 9am and I did her "wedding" hair at my house.  Then she slipped on her beautiful dress and we picked out some jewelry for the occasion.  We ended up going with a gradient pearl necklace that I bought in an Antique store years ago and pearl earrings that my sister made and happened to match perfectly.  

First we just went to into my backyard for a few minutes and I actually captured one of my favorites of the whole day:

Then we headed to the park near my house where Morgan sat on rocks, swings, and even climbed a child size rock wall!

We then headed to the strip and started at City Centers new Hotel & Casino, Aria.  There where so many beautiful places to take photos in that casino!  Here is one from the ice cream shop.

We ventured to the pool after that where you aren't allowed to enter without a room key... but let's face it, no one can say "no" to a Bride!  Even tough security guys!  So he gave us the okay and I'm glad he did!  Some of my favorites of the day were taken in Aria's beautiful pool area.  Here are two I've already worked on:

Next we stopped at Bellagio and while waiting for the (crowded) fountain show to start, I found a little walkway surrounded by greenery that I made Morgan walk back and forth on too many times!

I found out that even though I had an idea in my head about where I would get the best photos, it turned out that a lot of my favorites where actually taken in places where we would be walking by and stop for a minute to get a quick shot like this one above!  

While we were walking through the crowded casinos, people would yell "congratulations!" to her constantly, and we didn't walk by one person who didn't gawk and stare at her!  She loved all the attention and who wouldn't?!?!  That's why Brides Have More Fun!  

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erika said...

Very pretty pictures!! :)

Lindsey Meyer said...

OMG Mary, I LOVE that last photo. Absolutely stunning! Great work :)

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