Las Vegas Engagement Photography: The Proposal | Ryan & Kendall

I was contacted by Ryan a while ago about engagement photos.  As we were emailing back and forth about prices and details, in about his 3rd email to me he said something like, "Well I'm planning on asking her at 7pm in front of the Bellagio Fountains while the show is going."  When I read this my immediate thought was...."HOLY SHIT!  HE'S GOING TO PROPOSE TO HER!!"  Now, I was just expecting this to be a pretty standard engagement shoot where both people in the couple are aware their photo is going to be taken, they are already engaged and just decided to come to the vegas strip for cool photos.  Not this time!  I had always wanted to photograph an actual proposal but I had never had the chance to so I was, to say the least, VERY excited for this opportunity.

Ryan had the whole thing planned out for Kendall.  They drove from Arizona to Vegas for a few days and once they reached Vegas, Ryan had a lot of surprises planned...including the surprise of her life!

Now Ryan and I had to be sneaky about this.  We had to plan an exact location to meet so I wouldn't miss the moment and we had to even email photos of each other so we would know what the other person looked like at our meeting spot!  It all worked out great and when Ryan got down on one knee in front of the Bellagio Fountains, I was right there to get the moment on film.

Kendall was in shock!  Here she is admiring the beautiful ring!
Speaking of the ring....
After the Proposal we headed to the Cosmopolitan, Aria, and then back to the Bellagio for an official engagement shoot!  Here is one of the first ones from the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo!

This is just the beginning of our 2 hour long shoot.  Stay tuned for another blog post tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

This is so cool and the best part is sharing the whole story with us!!! I love it. I'm sure when they tell it, it's great, but it's really fun to read 'your' comments!!!! SjD

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