Las Vegas Engagement Photography: The Proposal | Ryan & Kendall Part 2

I just love these photos so much that I had to blog a Part 2!  I think part of the reason I love these photos so much is because of the pure joy that Kendall and Ryan were in after the proposal.  You can just tell in their faces that they are extremely happy and so so in love.  It means so much to me to be a part of such an important time in their lives.

Yesterday I showed you a little sneak peek of a photo taken at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan.  The bar is absolutely stunning and GIANT!  It has 3 levels and I still feel like any photo I've ever taken there doesn't give it justice.  It does make for a beautiful backdrop for photoshoots though.

Here is Ryan & Kendall right outside the Chandelier Bar.
And another one in black & white.
This one is so colorful and fun in front of a storefront!
After the Cosmo, we headed over to Aria.  Aria is by far one of my favorite places in Vegas to take photos!
Right outside the Elvis Theatre is really beautiful!
I especially love Aria's pool area.  You have to be a guest to enter... but they are so nice there that I've NEVER been turned down to take photos:)  No one can say no to a bride or a newly engaged couple, it's just a fact of life!
We ended or proposal/engagement photoshoot excursion back at the Garden at the Bellagio.  It's always tough to get good photos there because there are so many tourists but I got lucky with this shot on the left!
And here's another one of Kendall's ring just because it's so beautiful!!!!

I had such a great time with Ryan and Kendall and feel so privileged to be invited by Ryan into this intimate and exciting time of his new life with Kendall!  I wish you two all the best in your marriage and new life together.

Here is the link to their album if you want to see more!

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