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Hey Everyone!

So I've been posting so many blogs for "work" lately, that I've decided to write a personal one!  (And I use the term "work" loosely because I love what I do so it's tough to call it "work" sometimes!)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit my Sister, Marie and her Husband, Kevin in Massachusetts.  My Mom had a trip to visit them planned and when I got engaged in May, we decided I should fly out there too so us girls could go wedding dress shopping together!  I did find a dress AND shoes!!!  I can't post photos of my dress for obvious reasons, but I will give you a little preview of my wedding shoes:)  They are Valentino and when I saw them, I seriously HAD TO HAVE THEM!  I can't think of any more perfect wedding shoes!
From the side....
Alright, now that we have the shoe photos out of the way, on to details about my trip.  The first night of my trip, Kevin's parents were visiting them also and our trips overlapped that one day.  Kevin went to Maine to pick up some fresh lobster straight off the dock for dinner!
Ugh, pretty gross huh?  Now I shouldn't say "lobster", I should say "lobsters"!!!
He bought MANY lobsters!  10 or 12 if I remember right.  I have eaten lobster before... but I've never had to get the meat out of the lobster myself before.  It grossed me out so much that I barely ate that night:(  My big sister had to rip the tail off for me!  I guess I'll always be the baby...

The next couple days consisted of dress shopping in multiple stores in Amesbury (the town my sister lives) and then Boston on Newbury Street!  I found my dress at Vera Wang and my shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue on Newbury St.  I never knew how exhausting dress shopping could be.  It's actually sort of tough to get in and out of these things that are just layers and layers of fabric.  Not to mention the stress of being in my underwear in front of total strangers to are helping me get into the dresses!  It was all worth it though.  When I put on my dress, I knew it was the one (even though a different dress brought tears to my Mom's eyes...) and finding my shoes that day was the icing on the cake.  Now I just have to wait 5-6 months for my dress to be made and 1 year to wear them both!

The last day that I was in Boston, my flight didn't leave until about 9pm but my Mom's left at 11am... so me, Marie, and Kevin went to the Boston Harbor and other parts of Boston to walk around, hang out, and take some photos.  It's too bad our mom wasn't around for it because it was a lot of fun and it's where I took the most photos on my trip!

We took most of our photos playing what Marie calls, "The Photo Game" where you give your subjects a scenario and then they react as if they are in that scenario...  It was really fun and I'll try to remember what scenarios we were in for these photos...

I think this one was, "Pretend that you just got asked to dance at your first Middle School dance"
I like to think that my expression says, "Oh me??  I can't believe you picked me!" and Marie's expression says, "Oh yippie!  I get to dance!" hahahaha!

This photo was, "Pretend that Kevin just won the Presidential election!"
We came across the Pirate-looking ship and Marie is looking out to sea for trouble...
Then we came across an old bridge at the Harbor and I made Marie and Kevin take some "normal" photos for me:)  Kevin grudgingly did so, but I'm happy he was a sport because I love these two!
After the Harbor, we walked further into the city and came across this cool carousel!  We started playing the "Photo Game" again, but I can not remember what our scenario was for this.  Whatever it was, I like our reactions:)
Just my pretty sister...
After all this walking around, we ended up back at the Harbor and went to an awesome Italian restaurant.  Right outside the restaurant there were these benches that had really high backs and Marie and Kevin were excited to see benches that were, "their size"!!  Marie is 6'1" and Kevin is 6'7".  You can see his excitement at this find...
After dinner, we went back to the car and I went to the airport.  It was a really fun time and I'm so excited to have my wedding dress and shoes!  It was such a great experience to have my mom and my sister there.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and it couldn't have been better!

Sorry for such a mishmash of photos but I hope you enjoyed my very personal blog:)

Take Care,



twiggy said...

Love, LOVE your photos of you kids and I'm sooooo happy you found your dress and shoes....the count down begins!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I enjoyed every photo. You are very
talented photographer. Good luck finding that
same talent in a photographer for your own
wedding. Smiles, Bev

Anonymous said...

Mary, your mom sent me your blog. It's so fun and such great photos. Your trip sounded so awesome.....love, love the shoes!!! Glad I had the opportunity to meet you at your mom's bday dinner! Michelle

Mary Spellman said...

You're brother-in-law is smoking hot! P.S. I was going to say your sister, but didn't want to piss Kevin off.

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