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Happy Monday Everyone!

This blog is about photographing my first Bachelorette Party!  Bachelorette Parties aren't normally something that I do, but one of my High School friends had purchased a Groupon from me to photograph her one year old son and when those plans fell though, we decided to use the Groupon session for her Stepsister/my good High School & College friend, Nichole's Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas!  (Did you follow all that?  haha!)   Nichole and her bridesmaids (Sara, Kelly, & Keri), maid of honor (sister Jenna) and her Mom (Anne) invited me along to dinner and drinks after to get some photos of their shenanigans one night.  We mostly hung out at the Cosmopolitan in the Chandelier Bar, but hit up a few other spots too!  Here are some of my favorite photos from this super fun night!

The night started out with Anne, the Mother of the Bride getting carded! (notice her shirt is clearly labelled)   Anne was so shocked she jokingly said, "you better get a picture of this!".  And I did :)
Here is the beautiful and so-much-fun, bride to be, Nichole!
A close up of that blingin' crown
The whole group cheers-ing with their delicious martini's from the Chandelier Bar!
Speaking of the Chandelier Bar and Martinis....
The whole group again at a different bar at the Cosmopolitan!
The back of all their custom-made tank tops had Nichole's soon-to-be last name and their wedding date!
The whole group again, minus Anne since she was on crutches and stairs didn't really agree with her :(
The age old debate... I know it's ongoing in my house!
Ok, how cute are these undies?!?!  We somehow convinced her to show them off... in the middle of the casino!!  hahaha!
Here is one of the last photos we took that night, and possibly one of the cutest so I will say farewell with it!
It was a lot of fun girls!  Thanks for inviting me along :)

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