Vintage Wedding Photography | Victoria & Kelly | Calgary, Alberta

Hey Everyone!

I'm really excited about this wedding blog post because I've known the bride for over 12 years!  Victoria and I went to Middle School and High School together in Wisconsin.  After college, she moved to Canada with her dual citizenship.

Victoria, or as I've always known her, "Vikky", met Kelly at church camp years ago.  They've had an on-again, off-again relationship and eventually realized they just couldn't live without each other!  Vikky is one of the most genuine, caring, and fun-loving people I've ever met.  I can't remember a day where she didn't have a smile on her face:)  I only just met Kelly on their wedding day, but from what I've seen, I can tell that he is very much the same as Vikky.  They seem to compliment each other well and are definitely head over heels for each other!

Not only was this my first Canadian wedding, but it was also my first time in Canada ever.  Even though it snowed half the time... in the middle of April... I really liked Calgary!  Ha.

Here are some of my favorite shots of details, the girls getting ready, and from the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we headed to an amazing park on the edge of downtown Calgary for some more photos.  I'll be blogging about them soon so stay tuned!

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Great job, Love the photos!

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