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Hey Everyone!

I was contacted by Pat about 2 weeks ago to see if I could fit in a family session before he had to leave Las Vegas for some training for the Air Force.  The Lebow family is about to move and wanted some photos together to remember their time living in Las Vegas.  We decided to head to Red Rock Canyon to take some photos.  Not the most "Vegasy" place for photos I guess, but I think they had a memorable time on our mini hike on the Pine Creek Trail!

This is my new favorite trail in Red Rock and the Lebow family were sports to go all the way out there for some photos.  I'm really glad they did because I think the photos turned out great!  These are my favorites from the Pine Creek of Pat, his wife Laura, and their children Bailey and Sam.

Heading down to the creek.
Laura scoping out the area.

The whole family!
Soon after the photo above... Bailey fell in!  Oh well:)
Sam exploring farther down the creek.
Cute couple!
Really love this one in between takes!!  haha!
Brother and sister.
Their dad is about to attempt to climb a dead-looking tree.
He climbed it... it broke... he came crashing down!
One last family photo from the hike.
Bailey and Sam in an old buildings foundation along the way.
That's all for now!  It was a fun session on a beautiful day in Las Vegas.

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